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Pallet Racks


MM shelving and display provides Pallet racking system according to your business requirements.  Planning pallet racks can be a complex procedure, before planning it is important to know floor space barriers, use and loading capacity. A comprehensive survey of the floor space, resources like machine used for working and storing, quality of the material etc provides the basis to design pallet racks. There are three fundamental elements that help in making the primary frame of the pallet racks namely:  columns,  Pillars , and the load carriers. The columns and Pillars are linked together to make the upright, so from the user point of view there are only two elements; the upright and the load carriers.

Finding the length of the load carriers:

Each pallet depends on two load beams , so while planning a pallet racks design , it is essential to know about the type of fork lift that are being used. Following requirements should be considered while designing:

  • Maximum width of shelve
  • Total load on shelves
  • Gap between two material need to place on shelve.

Finding out the beam capacity:

In order to provide standard solutions to the customers, the beam design is based on load, number of pallets that are required and the form of pallet to be used for example wooden, plastic etc.

Beam capacity = weight of load × no of pallets

The beam capacity hence determined is used to find the type of the beam. Single stage pallets need less beam capacity then the multi stage systems.

Designing frames:

The depth of the frame must be at least 5 inches smaller than that of the size of the pallet stringer.

Row spacer length = number of pallets x 2 + 5 inches

Upright height:

To locate the height of the upright it is essential to consider :

• From the base , examine the height of the pallet and load up to the height of beam
• A clearance cushion  should be given for the bottom of the beam and top of the load
• Diameter of the supporting beam
• Number of shelves


The frame capacity depends on the amount of load that is supported by the beams, vertical spacing, the number of shelves on the pallet racks and number of bays in each row.

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Note: Price of such racks are dependent on size, quality, gauges, qty of shelves and racks qty. All racks are locally manufactured and powder coated. So for quotation plz make a regular call or email us your requirement. 


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