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Mobile racks


Mobile racks are also known as mobile storage and compact storage system. In order to understand mobile racking system we need to know traditional storage system. Traditional racking solution is suitable for almost all types of store but its requires more space. Traditional storage system makes no difference whether it is a library, storerooms, warehouse, hardware store in utilizing fixed space. Management spend all the the time to gain maximum advantage from available resources as the quantity and demand to accommodate particular goods is keep on changing. So if you don’t have enough money to expand then it will lead to an unorganized stacking that will lead to many other problems like safety issue, low productivity and negative effect on your employees.

It looks like a magic that mobile racking can solve these issue, but its true. In mobile racking a channel is created to move storage racks. These channels can be controlled electronically or manually. So mobile racking system eliminates the problems associated with fixed racking system and enables you to store 2 times more products in the the same space.

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Note: Price of such racks are dependent on size, quality, gauges, qty of shelves and racks qty. All racks are locally manufactured and powder coated. So for quotation plz make a regular call or email us your requirement. 


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