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Gondola single sided Racks


A floor standing storage shelving system that use vertical pillars to hold horizontal shelves is known as Gondola Shelving / Racks or Wall racks. Gondola racks are available in three types: Single sided rack that installed besides the walls.  Double sided rack that can be connected with each other to make a row or can be placed as standalone unit. End Rack: that can be placed at the start or end of double sided rack row.

gondola rack black- assembly guide


  • Use only two pillar on each side of shelve.
  • Use solid back of MS steel.
  • Easy to install as all parts are assembled without nuts and bolts.
  • You have the option to place shelve in a slanting (upward and downward) position.
  • Bottom shelve or base will always remain straight and comes with adjustable feet to adjust according to floor.
  • Powder coating that make these racks non stretchable and durable.
  • Comes with number of accessories like hooks, holding strip, bins, front strip.


Each shelve have a capacity to sustain load from 50 to 70 kg. These types of racks are suitable for pharmaceutical store, supermarket and service stations. We normally provide 10 years warranty that shows our quality in every aspect.


wall racks layout

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Note: Price of such racks are dependent on size, quality, gauges, qty of shelves and racks qty. All racks are locally manufactured and powder coated. So for quotation plz make a regular call or email us your requirement. 


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