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Gondola Double sided Racks


Gondola racks are available in three types : Single sided rack that installed besides the walls.  Double sided rack that can be connected with each other to make a row or can be placed as stand alone unit. End Rack : that can be placed at the start and end of double sided rack row. Gondola double sided racks are one of the most suitable option for all retail stores specially auto parts, grocery, pet care ,  health care, sports , garments and computer and pharmaceutical store. These racks have the ability to stand on floor without any support and requires no nuts and bolts to assemble. Its solid design and grip on the floor makes possible to sustain heavy load and better management over shelves.These racks are available in attractive designs, colors and sizes. Customization is also possible to cater the needs of our customer as we use to fabricate these racks in our factory situated in Lahore.

Standard width of these racks is 3 feet, usually width of these racks can not be changed but in rare circumstance width can be changed according to the requirement. These racks are available in short and high base, with plain back sheet and back sheet with holes, single color and in multi colors. Normally shelves are designed to maximize products visibility so you will find slight reduction in the depth of shelves as you move in upward direction. A perforated row can be created on the front of the shelves on demand to bind things when required.

steel racks layout

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Note: Price of such racks are dependent on size, quality, gauges, qty of shelves and racks qty. All racks are locally manufactured and powder coated. So for quotation plz make a regular call or email us your requirement. 


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